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Like that I can help decorate a home but it takes so long to get to next level to do anything and hey it's a huge house and yard . It takes 900 coins to complete level or more but only 57 60 coins when i do complete!!! We should be able to collect coins for all points weather we complete it that time or not . Then on completion get 2000 coins . But that's right it's you wanting real money from us . Give me adds and mk your money from them !!! After all I've read sounds like you people will deserve to go broke ! Oh and why 3 stars to every little thing !!!

Love it...addictive!!

Great game!!

So awesome

This game is just pure awesome


I think the way you control in play games is just unfair, I swipe to go one way the icon goes the opposite direction, the way you keep the feeds to one side, as not to make things that can help in a game, ie. Bombs planes et al on one side Un breakables on the other side of game board. I know this game is all about your bottom line. Good luck with that. I’d never spend a dime on this game

Gets to hard to fast

I just want to remodel the house, the game gets to hard to fast. 😕 but I am still playing so I guess it’s doable.


I love this game! I honestly will sit and play for as long as I can! I love the game but really enjoy fixing up the house too! Only downfall - levels get harder to beat and the amount of stars to add items to your house goes up too. You would think for these harder levels you would get more than one stars sometimes.

Colorful - Fun -Love the Adventures

Really enjoy this game. It’s colorful & makes me feel happy when I’m playing. Levels are so good because they are hard & then they throw in easier ones it makes me feel like I’m moving along at a good rate. Some other games the levels get so hard it’s crazy to advance after a while & that is very discouraging for me. Where this game is challenging yet mixes it up to keep moving. 💖💖this game.

Fun, but not worth it....

This is a fun game and a nice change from candy crush but you get three options to chose from when you “renovate” and some things just aren’t cute or anything you want. You don’t get the option to chose colors they are set and that is it. After a certain point it starts to cost you more stars to complete a renovation. You have to use stars to “call someone” or other dumb quests. Some renovations cost 6 stars and there are levels that you get stuck on for awhile. This would be better if it didn’t start to cost you so many stars to complete something. I shouldn’t have to beat 3 levels just to do 1 renovation. Color options would be nice too. I won’t spend a dime on this game, spending money isn’t going to help you beat anything. There are some things that take 6-15 stars to complete things and it’s only 5 tasks. It’s to the point I am about done with this game and will find a different game to play.

Love it

I really love this game. I don’t feel like the levels are too repetitive and it’s just the right amount of challenging to get me to keep playing. My only issue is when if I leave the app during the middle of a level and then go back to it my game restarts and takes a life from me. But other than that great game. I can see the effort put into it.

Seems okay

I enjoy playing this game. There are a few reasons I didn’t rate five stars. I used to play Gardenscapes. Since I’m not really into gardening, I stopped playing that game. Now this game has more gardening than home building. It also takes weeks to complete one day.


👎 argh


رائعة..لكن احذر ان تلهيك عن ذكر الله وواجباتك

Swipe reading is terrible

I’ve never seen a game based on swiping misread swipes so frequently. It’s very frustrating.


Anybody who likes a challenge in the play a candy rush similar game you’re welcome I like this


I really enjoyed this game but gave it up. Why? The hard levels are not hard but IMPOSSIBLE unless you spend money. The greedy SOBs have lost me as a customer.

Fun game, very addicting

I don’t usually play games but I LOVE this one! Fun to decorate the house and I like earning the stars. The levels get really hard and can be frustrating because it can take a while to pass them without spending money but it keeps me challenged and interested in the game.

Challenging fun

Keeps mind in focus mode

Cobro demas en mi cuenta!

Saludos, es un buen juego y entretiene pero compre unas monedas las cuales decian que costaban $0.99 y cuando me llego la notificacion me debitaron de mi cuenta $12.25 🤨 encuentro una falta de respeto muy grave!




I love this game, it is fun exciting and addictive.

Fun but frustrating

I enjoy playing this game but it seems like it’s programmed to make you lose sometimes.


Please add more then FB to save game data have other options like Game Center

Great game

I love to play


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What initially attracted me to this game was that you get to renovate a home! I found it through an ad and thought it would be just that... a home renovation game! To my dismay, it was basically candy crush with a little bit of renovation fun. It’s still fun, but I came here for the renovation stuff, not candy crush. I wish you earned more stars when you completed these levels. Especially the hard ones. You earn double coins, you should be able to earn double stars too! And some of the tasks you have to complete are really dumb and shouldn’t cost you any stars! There should be “free” tasks. Like when you have to answer the door or get your mail or whatever. Those should not cost any stars at all! I wish there was a version of this game that you could purchase that was just the renovation part. 😞

Fun game

This game is fun to play when I am bored.

Fun but annoying sometimes...

The house is fun to remodel but the games can get impossibly hard. You don’t get enough moves and they don’t put the pieces anywhere close to where you need them. It’s like they are trying to force you to buy coins so you get extra turns. Very annoying! Eventually you are able to pass that round but it takes so long before you get a round that isn’t impossible.

Loved it

It’s a great game too play !


I have a lot of fun playing this game! The only part I wish they would fix is with the challenge with the girl cat. Only 3 lives to win all of those games is a bit difficult

Expensive to play

Have spent way too much money on this. Level 239 is encouraging me to find something else to do. It's taking the fun out of the game. Pretty annoying...


I do love the game.enjoy it!

Quickly lost interest

I love the idea of renovating a home and I can get with the idea of earning stars to do this but this app is completely out of balance. In any given “day” you need to complete tasks that use up to 10 stars and the only way to get stars is to complete levels. The levels however quickly become impossible without using upgrades that cost money. Even after using multiple upgrades on some levels it’s still ridiculously hard to beat and it takes 900 gold to extend moves??? Really? Pretty amazing when the most you can earn in any one game is like 60. I’ve only been playing it for a week and I’m done with it. Similarly to other reviews, I don’t mind paying some cash, but this game gives me the impression I’d be spending hundreds.


Really like this game. What keeps me from rating it 5 stars is the way the power ups are placed where they do little good, or leave you not option but to use them right away.

Gold Reserve

I love this game! But now they are taking all your money and you can only get the money out by buying it!! For 5 WHOLE DAYS!! I don’t want to even play until this is over because all my money is being taken! This is not fair!!

Fun game

The idea for this game is great. Rebuilding a mansion is fun. In the beginning it moved along rather quickly, now the rebuilding has slowed, the games are very difficult and it takes several days to gather stars.

I liked this game❤️

Please try this game... you will like it


So much fun. Super addicting


Love this game! Only thing is lives there should be a feature to receive more lives like a bonus wheel. Or the amount of coin to buy lives should be less.

Good story keeps me interested.

Good story. Keeps my interest

This game is okay.

I don’t ever write reviews, but I think this game is alright. It is entertaining and it gives you levels and things to achieve. I guess the only thing I don’t like it that it doesn’t give you a whole lot of tries and it’s a little laggy.

great game

i’ve been playing this game for over a year and it’s so addicting! never gets boring

Best game ever

Love this game!!

One of my favorite games!!!

I realllyyy like the game but the problem is that I have to wait for my life to get back and it really takes a long time to wait ... but other than that LOVE IT ! Very creative idea !

Fun game

I love the game overall but earning stars can be too hard and frustrating. I will not buy lives or power ups. Update seems to have made earning stars a bit easier.


Can't put it down!

Levels too hard

The levels are too hard to pass and you can’t ever play the game.

Great game

Relaxing and fun

So addicting

Thank God I have a lot of friends who play this....they give me more lives because this game is so addicting to play


I really love the game


Excellent game

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