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It’s fun enough. Like candy crush with furniture

It’s fun enough. Like candy crush with furniture and a house.

Annoying and tedious

Good game but very costly

Colorful fun

Some levels are hard but still fun. Keeps me busy.

It’s okay...

I mean, it’s a good and fun game. But the fact that we have a limited amount of lives is just a doozy. Please reconsider adding more lives or taking them off. It would make the game a lot more fun for everybody!


My wife loves this game


Super fun way to kill some time!

Free App....not

Fun to play, but in order to do anything cost real dollars


Nice game, but as difficulty increases, the reward stays the same, but required stars increase. Seems more a ploy to get purchases. Also, many tasks have nothing to do with upgrading the mansion.

My.. Opinion

I love the game, but y does it take so long to move on from one room to the next.. I don’t care about flowers.. I should have the choice if I want to go back n add some to my room😡I’ve bin in the front of the house for ever it’s making me want to delete the game😡ain’t the game about refurnishing a room, doing it over and moving to the next room.. it makes it fun.. but when I have to put flowers n balloons all over the place that then disappear makes me mad😡n frustrated... please let change this so it can b a option not a requirements to move on... I’ve told my friends about the game.. they down loaded it and then deleted it for the same reason.. needing to many stars not for refurbishing but for flowers and balloons.. other than that I think the game is fun 😀what my dream house would look like🤣👍🏽


Great game except the wake up from sleep 1 coin charged

Rating for game

This is the most costly and uses way to much money for the play, I will never get any where near the $ even close to what I. I have spent. Try 3,000.00 plus, want to play, then like me you are nuts!

To win the game you need to waste money

Get another game that won’t leave you one point away from winning and then ask you if you’d like to waste money in order to get 5 extra turns. Hate this game....

Great great app

I love this game so much

Not fun when you get stuck on same level for days!

Stuck on same level for days. Not fun anymore!!!

Addictive, colorful fun

I have been playing Gardenscapes for months and enjoy this addition to the games. That said, why are we back to another garden? I want to be working in the house on this and the garden in the other game. I also find the need to purchase rather pricey bags of coins in order to continue playing to be restrictive. All said, I enjoy the games but would prefer to pay a small monthly subscription fee for unlimited play.

Would have given 5 stars...

But now the paper airplanes are not functioning like they used to. Now, they're popping on each other, instead of taking out a piece of the game board like they used to. They're practically useless if all they're going to do is pop on each other. How is that helpful?

Win more

I TOTALLY agree with other gamers about not getting enough rewards to help win levels. I’ve tried to even start completely over but won’t let you. The developers are loosing players because it’s just impossible to get ahead without spending a ton of money (for a GAME I might add). I’d rather pay a base price to begin with and then be able to move forward at a decent amount of time. I really really like this game and am sad that I’m going to just quit and delete altogether. Please developers listen us gamers out here!

This game would be the best if you just add a few tweaks

While I enjoy the game very much, I hate the fact that you can’t choose what part of the house to fix. You waste stars for stuff for a party when it’s other parts of the house you may choose to fix. I also don’t like you only can earn 1 Star a game for a hard round and it takes 2 stars to complete a task. Open up the whole house let us use some coins to fix the house as well.


I’m currently on level 560 and been playing for several months. The game has great graphics and the aspect of being to decorate the home is fun. I have plenty of power ups and coins just from the quilting mini game. I deducted 1 star because there are items you have to do that are costing so many stars. It used to be cost 4 stars to change the wallpaper and now it costs 8 stars. If you’re excited to keep upgrading the rooms it can become a long process.


This game keeps it interesting. Lots of fun and addicting.

Don’t get hooked, a ripoff

This game is fun, but controlled by the creators. They let you win early on, then WHAM! They make the game impossible to win unless you spend your hard earned money. Someone should regulate these manipulators. Leaving this game. No longer fun. Goodbye.

Great game!!!!!

Can spend hours playing!!

Crazy money grab

This game is great, but the ratio of moves to complete and coins after winning does not equate to the real cash I have had to spend. Great game but shameless money grab, certain levels are not beatable with the moves provided and it requires you to spend money to advance And I am a video game expert from Xbox to PlayStation and have faced harder odds with this game than anything on my home consoles.


Enjoy the game I think it was a great concept. But the levels get hard very quick.

Tuff can take the fun out

I enjoy playing the game, cleaning & building. Some of the storylines take you off the rebuilding of things. Some of the game challenges are so hard the only way to beat it is to use all your weapons which makes you run out of them quickly. They are expensive to replace in order to keep playing. I don’t feel a fun game should get you frustrated. I’d rather pay for a game rather then bringing nickeled & dimed to death. It is getting too expensive to play!


It’s lit

Very good game

Good game

Great job

If i spend my money on a game then it must be good because i NEVER spend money on anything in any App Store. So therefore great job and keep it coming. For the people complaining about the challenging levels i understand but i love a challenge as long as I’m not stuck for too long because then it’d get annoying. Otherwise everything is great.

Home Scapes

Fun and challenging

Fun for now

After reading your reviews I might just stop playing.... The difficulty might be more than I want to experience.. I’ve had a great few days .. It was very relaxing and fun but I avoid stressful situations!!! Thanks

Amazing Home Designing Game

Listen: I am totally into this game, I really dig it! I was even quick to renovate the kitchen. The designs for everything are really nice. The Garden looks to be nice, so does the Garage. The storyline makes it feel like a lifetime. There is so much rich history in it too. I even like the new “Hammer” power-up, everything looks to be cool. Although, there are some things I would like to say for a difference, like for example, maybe minimize the amount of levels there are, there are a little too many. Or bring back the garden that was ACROSS THE STREET. Maybe don’t let Austin’s parents go into the room beside the Cat Tower every time I complete a task. And one more thing, I just had an update recently and in Austin’s bedroom, the rug, wardrobe, and the lamp were wrong from the previous ones before the update, I had to pay coins for the previous ones. But other than the changes, the game is “A-Okay”! Thank You PLAYRIX Games

Really good

I love this game but it has a lot of unnecessary story complications it’s an awesome game but add a little more decorating and a little less story and it’s perfect

To frustrating

This game is fun but you get bored waiting for lives or trying to clear the board. It does not give you a chance to win until you have played most boards OVER 20 times. It try's to get you to pay or your stuck on the same board for too long. BORING


I love this game it’s a good game!

3 stars

I like this game, but please don’t make it so hard to complete a task.

Best Game ever

Love this game it make feel like a true story game. Love it.


Tôi muốn ai đó hãy gởi cho tôi 10.000€


I love this game and can’t put it down! The levels are challenging, but not impossible, and take up my time very nicely!

Very fun and addicting



So I noticed some fixes would be good to add. One is the coin input when completely a level add a zero at the end on the total amount of coins you get. As for the stars they should be double. For an example if you on over 100 you get 2 stars per level, etc.

Two thumbs up!


So fun but costs too much money

I am disappointed to stop playing. The games are fun - but it is a waste of money. I will go back to those games with more emphasis on good strategy and less on deep pockets.

So addicting!!🤩

This game is amazing and literally cured my anxiety!!! Thank you so much for Homescapes!! Best app I’ve bought!!❤️😆

Very fun game

I love this game hard to put down I have my family hooked on it

My opinion...

Ok this game is fun, but it takes too many stars to do things! ...& I believe after the cake/show you move to the garden? I will stop playing then!…bc if I wanted to fix a garden I would just play Gardenscapes.

Love it !

Enjoying thissss !

Such a waste!

I have been on the same board for over 2 weeks now. It’s not even a high level. Unless you waste your hard earned money on buying coins it’s next to impossible to beat certain boards. Total rubbish

It’s Addictive

I love it ....I have to play every morning when I wake up, I play it throughout the day and I play at night before I go to bed, I never tire of it!

Best game EVER

I literally addicted to this


Fun, but wish rewards and payouts were better...1 star per level not cool either..

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