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Fun, but VERY expensive

Very well made and lots of fun to play, but it makes you want to spend so much money by buying extra bonus. Some of the levels (even not the very difficult ones) are impossible to pass without bonuses. The payouts for completed games are way too little compared to how much you have to spend to complete the game.

Great Game

This game is a great challenge and fun to play!

Great Game

As an design enthusiast and a proud cat order, this game is terrific.


I really like the game but some of the levels are too hard.. for this reason I gave three stars, other wise I would have given five


Great game


This game is addictive.

Unlimited lives

I love this game, some levels are much harder but I like that it makes me think. That said I really wish we could bank the unlimited lives, yesterday I logged in to kill 5 minutes, I got 1 hour unlimited lives for logging in 7 days in a row, and 3 hours for the birthday celebration. Unfortunately I couldn’t play right then I lost all of it. I would like to bank them and use them when I do have the time to play.

Can’t pass 1 level in 3 hours!

I really love this game but I just spent 3 hours on level 604 and still can not pass it! I spend hours playing this game but what’s the point in playing when you can’t pass 1 level with 3 hours of unlimited lives and all my boosters and still can’t get thru it! 😟


This game is so much fun! It’s my go to game always. I’ve never had any problems with it.

Could easily be a 5 star game

I really love this game. I’ve even purchased coins from the app store which I rarely do with app games. The levels are challenging without being impossible, you win plenty of power ups, and the story that goes with this game is cute. The characters are awesome, and interact with you. It’s fun to be a “designer” for a little bit too. I also like that the cost of purchasing all furniture options is very low so you can change the design as you wish. You earn 1 star and some coins each time you complete a matching level. Coins earned per level are usually 50+, and it costs about 5 to purchase the 2 additional furniture pieces separate from the original one you picked so it’s very reasonable. There’s always 3 design options for each upgrade. You pick the first which is earned with stars verses coins. You basically unlock the upgrade with the stars, and the other 2 options are available for purchase with coins after. There are 2 big problems with this game that irritate me though. The first issue is that you can not store the ultimate lives time you earn. When a 30 minute or 2 hour ultimate lives are given/won it should go to an inventory to be used at the players discretion. I can’t name how many times I’ll only be able to play for about 10 minutes then I’ll earn ultimate lives. It activates right away so I lose the chance to take advantage of that time. I’d love to be able to use it when I’m intending to play for a while verses it activating immediately. The second is the cost of upgrades as the game advances. When you repair/update furnishing in the design part of this game you spend stars that you win in the matching part of the game. You only win 1 star per matching level. At first it’s 1 or 2 stars to upgrade items. As the game progresses it can cost up to 6, and I’m only in the kitchen. Based off of skimming thru other reviews this cost goes even higher. It takes forever to earn stars once you’re at that level because the levels do become quite hard. The games is still amazing and worth it, but I hate freemium games that set customers to have to spend a lot of money on the game or it becomes too difficult/lengthy to play or advance.

Love it

I Love how you can choose what you want to decorate your house with it so fun and so good for the brain


But they make it too hard to get through some levels without having to make a purchase.

Good graphics

Enjoying the game. Two drawbacks. I would like to see a more even ratio in coins between earning game completion coins and the cost of five extra moves. Second I play to relax. When I release a space I want it to stay gone not grow back. Forgot to mention I would like to see an increase in furniture and flower selections from three to five. Next the hard levels are too frequent.

Great game.....but

I love this game, I play it everyday, but I don’t understand why I have to buy the coins that I already won. That’s why I give it 3 stars


Its alot of fun. The story line is cute and being able to interact a bit with the items is neat. The variety of challenges is good. My main critic is i wish i could chose when to apply the disco ball powerup during play and not just at the beginning

Fav game

Love it


Bought a package and now It just it’s stuck loading.

Luv this game!!

Love this game ! Prices to high if u want to purchase extras u don’t get much for what they cost

HOMESCAPES, not gardenscapes. 💁🏼‍♀️

I enjoyed the game at first. don’t get me wrong, I still do. however, I played this game to work on the house. if I wanted to work on a garden, I would have downloaded Gardenscapes.


I purchase the birthday special for 5.99 and you guys didn’t give me the full the give me just the money

To much extra junk

I am on level 223 and I am still working on the downstairs. I don’t want to greet guests and bake cakes I want to redo the house. I doubt I will continue playing it feels a waste to have to beat 15-20 levels to get by stupid stuff like the TV show, more if you consider decorating for the show. If I could just beat the levels and use the stars to change the house I would love it. If I wanted to do all this other stuff I would play a sims type game I thought this was redoing the mansion.

I didn’t get what I purchased

I usually really love this game, but today I made a big purchase which I don’t normally do, and it didn’t work out. Gardenscapes is having a birthday sale and I purchased a $19.00 (50%) advertised package that came with 25,000 coins, and 5 each of all of the extras (bombs, gloves, rockets, disco ball, etc. after I paid, the coins ended up in my inventory, but none of the bonus items showed up! Is there any way to get my money back?

Ok . NOT ENOUGH MEN for the levels

Not enough reward for the efforts for decorating there isn’t enough decorating!!! Seriously Not enough players for each board... still feel the same about this game! Too many stars to accomplish tasks...and NOT ENOUGH MEN!!!

Me encanta

Este es un juego muy agradable y divertido

Love it

I enjoy playing Homescapes. Thanks for creating such a fun app. No long wordy message needed.

Fun but...

Requires way too many stars just to complete a task. 3 stars to do just about anything, even to make a call. A bit much!

Cute Game

9/20/28... they want another rating. 7/27/18. Note popped up on screen to rate game. I agree with JTurner reviewer except I don’t spend money for coins boosters for games anymore. It may take me a month to get thru a level sometimes but I just play when I can’t sleep mostly. Grandkids play for me. LOVE IT this addicting game! Only wish it didn’t take so many stars to get things! And let’s work on house & not so much of the other stuff like cooking show lets get house done then do other stuff! I like it better than the garden escape. But 900 coins to get stars?! Too much when each game gives about 60 average. I like that you can watch short videos for coins. I’m addicted to this game. But please why so many starts for everything?!

Good App

Amazing Game

Love it

Yassss huntty it’s addicting lol

Money pit

Money pit!!! Beware!!!

“Hard” levels are ridiculous

The game overall is fun and good but their “hard” levels are borderline impossible without purchasing something and its ridiculous. I just started playing the game again after a long break from it and I’m already annoyed. Your levels are ridiculous!


Pearl’s Peril Game, allows you to see other players Islands 🌴 So why can’t you do that for your players🤔🤔🤔

Good but frustrating

I do enjoy this game but like a previous customer said the winning ration is pathetic. You have to spend 900 coins to keep playing. I’ve started playing other games because I get so tired of losing and not winning the contest because my levels are harder than people I am playing against. It’s lost it’s magic. If they would reward you more, which they have been doing a lot more contest lately with free time play, I would play a lot more.

Fun game

Need to receive more points

I need more decorating less fluff

Too much distracting storyline! I don’t care about a baking contest.... I just wanna decorate

Love the game!

But like other folks I think some small things could be improved. An example would be if you combine two bombs, there should be a larger explosion. Right now the explosion is comparable with utilizing only one bomb. However, I still give it five stars. The characters are realistic and I absolutely love the fact that when you touch the cat, he stops, stretches, yawns and purrs!! Great work developers!!! Thanks for the hours of fun! Still loving this game! Happy Birthday Homescapes! Thanks for hours of fun!

So great

I am obsessed with this game!


Really fun

Love it

Great game and very addicting

Board 1682 is super fun!

I love this game. I like that I get rewards all of the time. I don’t like that it seems to make you fail when you have unlimited life for a while.

Come on

This game sometimes feels like you HAVE to spend money to advance or spend your bonuses. The reward is not worth the money spent. I’ll still play but if it continues this way, they will lose a lot of long term customers including myself.

Happy but not right now

Made a purchase earlier for coins and the App Store wanted me to update my privacy agreement 1st. The App Store said updated and purchased successful but I went back to the game and my coins are not there. ☹️

Love the game, but...

I love the game. Very addictive. But I find that the earning of the coins verse the earning of the stars is off.


I started playing this to get points for another game but now it seems it’s the only game I play except Gardenscapes when I run out of lives hahaha. So fun to see what is next.

Fun BUT...

I’m playing Homescapes to decorate a home not a garden! Stupid! Stuck on this garden part.. I play Gardenscapes also for that! Ridiculous

Work too hard for little reward

That’s why I gave 3 stars. Get rid of the ridiculous rewards like a humidifier in the garden. I want to decorate house ... you make it hard to get the 3 stars then give stupid crap like that... this stated out ok then went downhill..

Good game

The game would be 5 stars if it weren’t so obviously pushing the player to purchase coins.


Fun and addictive

Happy Birthday!!

I love this game! Every level feels fresh!

Fun 😻🤖👾

I win the levels and my daughter decorated my 🏠. Fun for the whole fam!!

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