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I like it 😊


I like the game itself, it has a lot of variety BUT!!! I do not like that tasks be 2 and 3 stars. You literally earn 1 start per level and a task be 2 and 3, I dont think its a fair ratio. Either raised the numbers of starts or decrease stars requirement to complete task. Pleaseeee and Thank you.

Why won’t the Gold Reserve go away?

I’m actually just sick of seeing it. I’m not buying what’s in there, & we already have an option to buy coins. This gold reserve is just obnoxious & redundant. Please remove it soon.

Love it!

I enjoy all of the scapes games. This one is fine if you are interested in design work for inside a home. Mix and match and find your perfect style!

Very fun

There should be more ways to earn stars faster

Great game!


Happy Game

Its fanstastic game.


This is one of the most Relaxing games I’ve ever played! 👌 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fun and good changes to keep interest ....

But requires too many in app purchases which never keep up with the coins earned. It’s a money drain. I’ll decide soon when to quit and save my money.


I enjoy this game a lot. I am not much of a game person. This game quiet thoughtful, family, quiet interior design related. Unfurl for those who are interested create and help basic first starter. Nice job and keep it up.

I love it!


Best game I’ve ever played

Only complaint is that every new task should only require one star to complete

Cost to much to play

Love the game but it cost to much to play! Not sure why you can not carry over your extra bombs, planes etc to the next levels because errand them They should belong to you not explode and you lose them! Just look at how much people spend on this game! It is a crime!

Impossible levels

Rewards small on level 61 and have been renovating the same 3 rooms. Buying upgrades takes too much time. Sometimes need 30-40 lives to beat 1 level. Bigger rewards quicker advancement needed.

Give Me More Stars

This game is great and I love it, and he concept but whenever you play the games it takes so long and it’s so annoying because all you get it one star whenever you play the same level 100 times. I suggest after completing a level reward more stars so you feel like you are actually playing a home design game and not just spending all your time on one level trying to match shapes/items.


Love my game!

Keep What I Paid For

I was enjoying the game, for the most part. Some boards are ridiculously difficult. My frustration peaks after 3-4+ days of trying, and often failing within one move of success. So, when this happens enough, I’ve broken down and purchased coins towards extra moves for $0.99. I feel that after paying for the benefit of extra coins and moves -that what I paid for should be mine to keep. The game should allow you to somehow bank any unused moves left if you’ve paid $$ toward 5 extra moves but only needed to use one or two. Stars are earned for completing boards and needed to renovate the home. However, it can take days to complete1 board to earn a single star. In turn, it’s ridiculous how many stars are required to complete renovation tasks. The more I play, I’m finding that it’s less enjoyable, and more frustrating. It’s expensive in time, theory, and if you get suckered in, it can be expensive literally. Though I like a challenge-sadly, I think it’s time to let this game go. *** Sigh *** and I’ve completed so many rooms. 😒

Addictive fun



I cannot stop playing!!


I love this game it’s so addictive


Yeah it’s fun, yeah you get addicted, but come on... you can just tell they want your money. Some levels takes you hundreds of tries to win even with bonuses. I’m about to quit playing honestly. Gets too hard, not enough rewards.

Love it

This game is absolutely wonderful


Love this game but they should have a part where you can watch a video to get coins or download something to get coins. Besides that fun game.

So much fun

Homescapes is fun. I really enjoy it.

Some of the levels are stupid hard...

for the age range they're trying to appeal to.

The Truth

Honestly it’s a great game. I’m on it all the time, but some of the levels are sooooo hard. You are going to need a lot of patience for this game. Otherwise it’s an amazing game I recommend you getting this game.


Nice game, I’d give it 5 stars if the free play time had the option to be activated when there’s time to play for an extended time (one bonus is three hours).


I wish there was another way to earn stars, but other than that I love it!

5 star game

Love it!

Enjoy it

Really like the game the puzzle get a little harder and harder and they force you to have to spend money is the only downside for me.

Game Reflection

The game is really fun, I thought it was a sweet game. I remembered the past levels that I completed and it was amazing. You guys should play it if you don’t have. I recommend that this game is stress free.

Fun and weird

This game is so fun but some of the games to win the stars for the tasks are really hard and gets me stumped and stuck on one level

Takes too long to access new rooms but otherwise a fun game.

I’ve played this for several months now but still only have access to 2 rooms and the orangery. There should be ways to access the other rooms faster.

Fun, but prepare to spend money.

It's a lot of fun, but the money you spend to move up in order to win the games can cost you.

Love it!!!

Love how you build as you beat levels. Holds my interest a lot more than similar games. Love the difference of Gardenscapes but also wish it had something like the rainbow blast.

Best game

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! Only thing i don’t like is that it cost so many stars for one thing but other then that love this game play it 24/7

Love the game

I love the game

Game is Fun, but you need MONEY to advance

I like playing the game but it takes so much time and money to advance to the next level or just to complete a task. If you don’t have money then you can’t finish a task especially the hard tasks. I also didn’t like that the story started to upgrade the outside of the mansion long before the inside was even completed. Once I’m done with the coins that I purchase I will be uninstalling the game. I wish the game would let you advance without purchasing coins.


This is a very amazing game I love so much I play 24/7 every single day when I have a chance

New Area

I play Homescapes and Gardenscapes. Why would I want to work in the garden on Homescapes?


I love playing the game don’t like to spend a lot of money to play. Sometimes it’s inevitable or you don’t win.

So addicting!

Love this game so much especially when I get four hours of unlimited lives. Of course there are other games like this game but there are other things to do other then match colors.

A fun game but the developers seem awfully greedy

You have to be very careful or you find yourself spending your hard earned coins on an extra turn. I like the game, but am to the point of giving it up because the coins you earn is grossly unequal to the amount you have to pay out for power ups and the like. In addition it’s very easy to be tricked into spending coins you earned, when you really meant to just quit for a while.


Increase star amount with levels.

Fun, entertaining and addicting!

So much fun, and much more interesting than the usual match 3 games. The story are cute and move things along!

Not what I expected

I’m new to these kinds of games, my daughter introduced me to it. I thought it would be a DIY experience, the way it started. I could do without the cat and the abundance of flowers. Too bad I can’t choose where to work, that would be more fun.


love this game !

Game Game Game

i love this game !!

Awesome game

Amazing and immersive cut scenes and storyline that certainly has me hooked. It’s very obvious the developers put some serious effort into this game. Well done!

Fun BUT....

It definitely if a fun game. My fiancé and I have been playing and competing with each other for a while I'm on level 446 but he just installed the app. You spend much time and effort and barely get any stars to do upgrades and the game game forces you to spend so much in the garden I've barely renovated anything besides the front three rooms of the house. Im starting to wonder if I'm playing gardenscapes or homescapes....🤷🏾‍♀️

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